MD Terra Charity Fund

The MD TERRA Charity Fund was founded in 2015 out of a desire to selflessly help children in need. For this reason, no one on our team receives a salary, and all the money donated is spent strictly on the needs of the children.

We believe that all children are our children! Children are beyond religion and politicy.

Children must live and be happy, that's why we decided to take into care children (ages 0-20):
  • children with serious illnesses,
  • children who fall under the care of social workers,
  • children from orphanages.

At the moment the foundation helps in Israel, but our plans are to expand and help children in the former CIS countries. We help 
Milana Mirzaeva-Meerovich
Founder and Leader
The path of charity for me is the path of service to God. I know exactly that my mission is to take care of children, parents and volunteers. When a person is in the right place, hard work is easy and you don't get tired of it. For this reason I always try to discern in volunteers their abilities and talents, so that working at the foundation brings them pleasure. None of the members of the @md terra team are paid or financially rewarded. Good can be selfless!
Our goal is to help children and their families who find themselves in a difficult situation, to be there in time and to support the family throughout the difficult path ..
Provide escort, consultation for families arriving in Israel.

Guaranteed assistance without the services of INTERMEDIARIES, getting a discount.

Individual approach and consideration of each case separately.

All decisions are made by the founders of the foundation and leading volunteers.
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Fund statistics

at 01.09.21
Lives were saved
Total donations in 8 years
3000000 ₪
august 2021
Number of wards
at 01.09.21
at 01.09.21
Donation countries: Israel, America, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Germany
august 2021
The largest donation
25000 ₪

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