Artyom Makhno

Artem was treated for 11 months at home. The treatment was unsuccessful and the family decided to be treated in Israel. From the first moment the treatment helped and went positively. People fell in love with Artemka from his first smile. While undergoing CRT therapy, the doctors were preparing for a bone marrow transplant. But before the transplant the disease aggressively returned and after a consilium of doctors in Israel and America, it was decided to return Artemkka to palliative care at home. After a long and difficult journey, Artem became an angel and now lives in our hearts.
"We thank you for being there for us every moment of joy and sorrow. Supported us, helped us, and believed in our victory."
Sergey and Marina, Artem's parents:
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Diagnosis: Congenital lymphoblastic leukemia
Required: Payment for bone marrow transplants
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Нам нужно 15 флаконов. Подарив этот спрей одному ребенку , вы облегчаете его страдания.
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Emergency collection
Мы открываем сбор средств для Мирославы, пятилетней девочки, которая год тому назад стала жертвой страшного пожара.
Diagnosis: Ожоги верхних и нижних конечностей 1,2,3,4 степени
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110 000 ₪
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